Hair Transplant for Women

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Hair Transplant for Women

Though scalp hair is very important to both men and women, it doesn’t hurt the same way when it is falling out. Hair loss is very devastating in women because it is a source of beauty and perhaps hair is accredited for helping women achieve their targets.

A study has revealed that; whereas men had a general feeling of sadness about the hair loss condition, women felt more deep and intense emotions such as shame, fear and humiliation about losing their hair. In fact, it has also been observed that women have the tendency to experience serious psychological problems such as; feelings of inadequacy in a social environment, spending a lot of time and effort to conceal the thinning locks and bald patches or having trouble accepting their hair loss condition. Although the majority of hair transplantation patients are still men, a high percentage of women have also started looking into a hair transplant procedure as a hair loss treatment.

Women have been hesitant in having hair transplants due to the belief that they are meant for men. Though that stands, they, at last, give hair transplant procedures a try by going in for the F.U.E technique. The impressing and permanent results that they also see in men and a few women after a hair transplant also encourage them.

hair transplant in women doesn’t differ from that of men. So, it is a procedure where hair is extracted from the donor area and implanted into the small incisions made in the recipient area on the scalp.


Some of the types of hair loss in women are:

  1. Female pattern baldness
  2. Traction Alopecia
  3. Alopecia that develops after a trauma or a surgery and
  4. Scarring Alopecia


Depending on the fact that women have their type of hair loss, care and attention are extremely applied throughout the entire procedure. In general, the procedure will be like this:

  1. Harvesting hair follicles

Grafts are harvested with a minimum transaction to protect the grafts and the donor area. Normally, no shaving of the scalp is done before a hair transplant in a woman. The grafts are well-preserved and maximally utilized to avoid wastage.

  1. Transplanting of the grafts

The main aim here is to have natural and pleasing results. So, the grafts are implanted into the small incisions made in the recipient area while observing the right angle and direction of the existing hair.

  1. After the procedure
  • Postoperative guidelines are given to a patient
  • The transplanted hair will fall out after 3 weeks and new hair will grow after 4 months.
  • In less than a year, a woman will have a fuller head

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